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Functional Assessments


Our Functional Lower Limb Analysis includes a full health history, joint range of motion assessment, gait analysis, 3D Pressure analysis, 3D foot scans and treatment session.

Some of the reasons people choose to see us:

We have spent our professional career researching, developing and testing our ‘Functional Lower Limb Method’ which is a holistic approach for supporting the normal function of your lower limb structure, muscles and nerves as well as your body’s ability to deal with stress and external loads.

This method gives us a predictable framework for assessing and delivering results to our patients and we want to offer that to you.

So if you’ve had foot or leg pain and want a holistic way to get yourself back on your feet then book a consult with our podiatrists and let’s see if ‘The Functional Lower Limb Method’ is right for you.

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To see a Podiatrist at our Camp Hill studio please book online. No referral required.

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