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3D Foot Scan & 3D Pressure Mapping


Our 3D foot scan and pressure mapping technology helps us assess your walking and running patterns as well as provide us with a 3D anatomical model of your foot.

As part of your functional analysis we assess your walking and running pressures using our 3D pressure system. This awesome technology helps us to identify areas of risk that may be relating to your foot or leg pain.

On top of that, our highly qualified podiatrists 3D laser scan your feet and develop a digital model of your foot shape. This enables us to better help prescribe the right footwear, design custom orthotics and custom braces depending on your needs.

Our 3D pressure assessment 3D foot scans are included in your initial appointment.

Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  • Accurate measurement of the load patterns under your feet with and without shoes
  • Measurement of your centre of pressure as you walk and run
  • Accurately review your progress over time
  • Correlate your gait analysis with your pressure finding to provide a complete picture of your walking and running mechanics
  • Develop an anatomically accurate digital model of your foot shape to guide footwear prescription and orthotic design

Conditions 3D foot scan & pressure mapping can help with:

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