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Foot & Ankle Mobilisation

Foot Ankle Mobilisation

Foot and ankle mobilisation can be an important aspect of your treatment plan to assist in improving function and relieving foot and leg pain.

Foot and ankle mobilisation is a hands on treatment therapy that helps increase the efficiency and range of joints by isolating each joint and passively moving it through it’s natural range of motion. This technique helps release restricted joint capsules, decrease join adhesions and improve synovial fluid production within the joint space. 

We find this form of treatment works best when combined with a graduated exercise program to help maintain optimal function. 

Mobilisation can prove to be a key part of your overall treatment which ultimately leads to improved mobility, better balance, effective pain relief and better performance.

Benefits of foot & ankle mobilisation include:

  • Decrease pain
  • Improves foot function
  • Breaks up joint adhesions leading to stiffness
  • Improves foot posture

Conditions foot and ankle mobilisation can assist with:

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