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Footwear Advice & Prescription


Confused about what footwear you should be using? Let us help you pick the best footwear to guide you of pain and prevent injury.

Our team of podiatrists are qualified to measure fit and prescribe the right footwear for you.

Using the wrong footwear can often be one of the main causative factors leading to injury.  Our team can easily address these issues and get you back on track to living pain free.

No matter what your footwear needs are, our team is trained and regularly updated on the newest models for any activity type whether it be running, walking, working or specific sports.

If you are unsure about what model shoe is the best fit for you, pop in and let our helpful team guide you on the best shoe for your needs.

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To see a Podiatrist at our Camp Hill studio please book online. No referral required.

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