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CAM Walkers & Moon Boots


Rehabilitate your foot and leg with CAM walkers and moon boots.

Our team is qualified to fit CAM walker and moon boots to our patients. These medical devices are best used when acute injuries need a period of non-weight bearing or minimal weight bearing, to allow an injury to heal.

Some common conditions that CAM Walkers and Moon Boots are used for include; stress fractures and bone stress reactions, non-displaced fractures, post surgical recovery, ankle sprains, ligament tears and heel pain.

Private health insurers can provide rebates on CAM Walkers and Moon Boots when fitted by our Podiatrists. We do recommend you check your cover as Private health cover differs from person to person.

Some of the benefits of CAM walkers & moon boots are:

  • Decrease weight being placed through injured areas
  • Immobilise Fractures
  • Immobilise injured ligaments

Conditions CAM walkers & moon boots can help with:

  • Stress fracture and fractures
  • Ligament damage
  • Acute foot and ankle sprains
  • Bone bruising
  • Post surgical rehab

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