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Custom Orthotics


Custom orthotic treatment is one of the many treatment options available from our experienced team at Studio Podiatry.

Custom orthotic devices can be the solution to numerous foot and lower limb conditions when applied in the right circumstances. They can also be a fantastic tool when placed in a holistic treatment plan to help get you back on your feet and achieve your physical goals.

Our podiatrists are highly qualified to assess your biomechanics and foot function, 3D laser scan your feet and digitally design an individualised custom orthotic for you. Once the design process is completed by your podiatrist, our orthotics are either 3D printed or machine milled to your exact measurements to best suit your requirements and footwear.

Our podiatrists typically prescribe orthotic treatments to reduce tissue stress that is causing pain, to help the foot function more effectively or to offload callused or ulcerated sites.

At Studio Podiatry, we have orthotic options that cater to the whole family from young to old and no matter what your goals are. We are here to help you get back on your feet and living the life you desire.

Benefits of custom orthotics:

  • Support your feet and legs whenever weight bearing to decrease tissue stress
  • Help with balance and stability
  • Injury prevention
  • Help with the rehabilitation of sports injuries
  • Evenly spread pressures through the feet and legs
  • Help with poor foot posture
  • Enhance optimal foot and limb function
  • Help your child feet maintain a healthy posture throughout development
  • Help correct limb length differences

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